One Smile At A Time

Uplifting the society by empowering the girl child. Join Us in Our Noble Mission.

About Us

Our Mission

At New Shiny Media, we believe that education is the key to empowering girls to be independent and resilient.

Founder's Story

Mrs. Sunita, our esteemed founder is a firm believer in education and helping those in need.
We follow her ideals to help empower girl children.

Our Values

Education as Empowerment,
Nourishing Potential, Holistic Development,
and Community Engagement

You can change their lives

It’s every human’s right to live in a sanitized and clean environment.
These kids can be better dressed and can have better meals with your support.

Every Smile Matters

Help these kids learn new skills and give them new reasons to smile each day.
Be proud of yourself so that they can be proud of themselves.

Support Our Cause

Educational Support

We offer training to needy girls in computer education, embroidery, stitching
and other skills to help them thrive.

Meal Donations

Your help can feed a hungry human and help them with another day.

Join The Cause

Help underprivileged girls to become
a super-woman.

How We Help

Computer Education:
 We offer comprehensive computer training that equips girls with essential technological skills for a brighter future.

Free Meals:
We provide nourishing meals at various points, ensuring that hunger doesn’t hinder a child’s education.

Supplementary Classes:
Apart from computer education, we offer yoga, stitching, and embroidery classes, fostering holistic development.

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